The Most Awesome Health Apps for 2017: Why Busy People Should Try Them

The Most Awesome Health Apps for 2017: Why Busy People Should Try Them

Today I’m going to provide you with some resources that will help you reach your health, fitness, and personal goals. As a busy person, parent, and human being I know how difficult it can be to achieve life, health, and personal goals. And yet, even though I’m aware of the struggle, I still find it amazing how many of us try to go about achieving these things on our own. 

But no more! There is no shame in looking for some help—no shame at all. 

That is why I love health resources. They help make reaching health, fitness, and personal goals so much easier. In the past, I’ve shared some of the best health blogs on the internet, as well as the best Facebook pages. Today I’m going to share with you my top picks for health and fitness apps. 

Why Health Apps and Fitness Apps Are So Effective

Think about your life for a minute. One of the best investments you can make is outsourcing work that you’re not good at or not passionate about. The benefit of delegating jobs to other professions is that the jobs will still get done without too much frustration. 

Believe me—trying to do everything on your own is a recipe for disaster. You will procrastinate or lose your joy—two of the top killers of achieving our goals. On the other hand, seeking assistance will allow you to focus on what you love and save a whole lot of time. 

It is similar to health and fitness apps. These apps will help anyone who uses them, but busy people will find them particularly helpful. They promote focus and tenacity, both important when you’re trying to reach life, health, and personal goals and are short on time. 

Do these apps really help, though? Consider this: according to the Journal of Medical Internet Research, there are over 1000 health and fitness apps. In a study conducted by researchers at four New York universities, participants were asked to track their fitness goals and their fitness app use. Three-quarters of participants reported exercising more often after utilizing their chosen apps. Those are great results!

The Top 7 Must-Have Health Apps for Those Striving To Be Healthier 

Here are my picks for the top health, fitness, and wellness apps. 

1. Headspace

Are you new to meditation? Do you understand why it is so beneficial but have a difficult time doing it on your own? Then you need the Headspace app, the “gym membership for your mind.” It helps you quickly and easily reap the benefits of meditation, and comes with a free 10-day trial. 

2. Coach.Me

Coaching is hot stuff. Why? It’s because coaching works. Even Oprah has her team of coaches to help her achieve her goals. Whatever goals you have—health, wellness, fitness, or business—there is a coach that can meet your needs. And, Coach.Me puts them all at your fingertips. 

3. Couch to 5k

A lot of us have admirable goals, but reaching them can seem impossible. That’s why Couch to 5k is so awesome. You can go from doing minimal exercise to being able to run a 5k race in nine weeks. Just think of what you can accomplish once you achieve that type of goal. 

4. Motion Traxx

Going to the gym and running on the treadmill…boring! Seriously, there is nothing else in the world that will make you feel more like a hamster running in circles and getting nowhere fast. That is why music is so important. Music transports and motivates us. This app helps you find the best music for your workout so you’ll never feel bored again. 

5. Strong Lifts

Whatever your fitness goals are, you can keep track of them with this app. Not only that, but this fitness app acts as a personal coach. It will coach you through your workouts and prompt you to reach your goals. 

6. Thrive Market

You know how I feel about chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs, right? I hate them! I do my best to eat whole, organic foods. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to these healthful foods. What they do have access to is either unhealthy foods or overly priced organic food. Thank goodness for Thrive Market. This app provides access to over 400 of the best, most trusted GMO and organic products. Even better: they ship!

7. Side Chef

Something I hear from people all the time is that cooking healthy foods is boring, takes too much time, or is just way too difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all go to culinary school and learn how to cook healthy meals? I think the closest the majority of us are going to get to that is the Side Chef app. Long gone are the days of losing your spot in your cookbook, and getting frustrated over not knowing how to do something (like julienning your vegetables…say what?). The app reads the recipes for you, so you get to focus on the food. There are also How-To slide shows and videos, showing you exactly how to julienne your veggies. 

The Importance of Being Healthier

Being healthier will help you thrive in life. Not only will you be living a happy and healthy life, you will be a better at your job. Healthy living gives us more energy (a must for every busy person, am I right?), and provides clear thinking. 

Making better decisions, being able to solve problems quickly, and having the energy to build the life you want is essential to being a better you. Putting forth the effort to reach your health and wellness goals with health apps is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. 

What apps have you found helpful in your health and fitness pursuits? Let us know which apps are your favorites in the comment below or on my Facebook page.

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