Rockin’ Entrepreneurs: Eat Healthy Foods to Fuel Your Body, Mind and Business

Rockin’ Entrepreneurs: Eat Healthy Foods to Fuel Your Body, Mind and Business

Hey there, Entrepreneurs! What if I told you there was a quick, easy way to get an edge in business? You’d be totally interested, right? I would be too. 

In fact, it was the desire for such an edge that moved me to do a ton of research on the topic. I had to learn what I had control over in my life and business. Knowing that would help lead me on the path to successful entrepreneurship. 

As my business has grown, one of the key ingredients for my success has been adding healthy foods to my diet. 

You weren’t expecting that, were you? Well, actually you might have, considering the fact that I’m known for promoting green foods. :-)

In all seriousness, though, healthy foods have truly given me an edge, not only in daily life and sports, but in my business. I know a lot of people who want to be rockin’ entrepreneurs but struggle because they don’t have the needed health or energy. 

That’s why I wanted to share with all of you entrepreneurs out there just why healthy meals are so important and how you can implement them into your daily life. 

How Food Works: Why Healthy Meals Are Vital For Rockin’ Entrepreneurs

Let’s play a game. Fast forward to a few hours from now, the start of Wednesday afternoon. Your friend texts you:

“Hey Chris, want to go for a workout after work?” 

What will you say?

“Ehh...tired today.”
“Dude, it's been a long week and we’re not 22 anymore.”
“I’m in. See you then!”

Which one are you?  If you could choose one, which response would you want it to be? 

I had to write this post because changing the way I eat has had one of the biggest influences on me in the last 8 years.

When you get your food right – that’s when you start to change your life in unimaginably powerful ways.

That’s when you start to become incredibly productive – more than you’ve ever thought possible. For example, no more 1pm slumps, no more feeling sluggish in the morning. It’s a total game changer you’ll notice within days. 

You’ll look better. You'll lose weight without even trying. 

And you get more energy. 

Let's talk a bit more about energy and how healthful foods can help entrepreneurs get more of it from the nutrients and proper rest.

  • Energy: One problem many entrepreneurs have is a lack of energy. The causes include lack of restful sleep, lack of eating, or lack of eating the proper foods. 

Food is fuel. Think about your car for a second. What kind of fuel do you put in it? The best kind, the kind that makes the car run optimally. Our bodies are similar – they need the right kinds of foods to function properly. Eating junk food—sugary, highly processed and fatty foods—makes us feel sluggish. 

On the other hand, eating fresh foods full of nutrients will provide an incredible amount of energy. We need to eat a balanced diet, with complex carbohydrates (for brain power), protein and fats. Skimping on any of these, as is so popular with fad diets, will result in a lack of both physical and mental energy. 

  • Sleep: Let’s face it – we live in a stressful world. And, in Western society it isn’t uncommon for entrepreneurs to work almost 24/7. Smart devices are kept on the bedside table and can go off anytime during the day or night. 

Additionally, nutritionally-deficient foods can mess with our sleep, as can stress. Lying awake at night, tossing and turning, might be a result of a restless, stressed-out mind, but it can also be due to excess caffeine, sugar or fat. In fact, an article on brings out that too much unhealthy fats can lead to depression, sleepless nights, lack of energy and dementia. 

Let’s call it like it is. You and I go to the hairdresser to get our haircut. We buy new clothes to look better. We buy books or online courses to learn a new language (or sometimes even hire a tutor). 

Yet, we don’t even think twice about what we put in our mouths 5 times a day for our entire lives.

But if you learn how to eat amazing food…you can control your energy, your productivity, your ability to be truly present. You can have confidence in yourself to follow through.

If you want your business to flourish, how does the food you eat match up? Are you eating a fluffy omelette or a stale granola bar for breakfast?

What would it mean to your business if you put more thought into the food you put in your body?

Check Out These 5 Health-Inspired Recipe Blogs

One of the biggest complaints I hear about healthy eating is how time-consuming it is. Heck, I’ve even said this myself from time to time. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of resources out there for quick, healthy meals for on-the-go entrepreneurs like you and me. 

I have put together a meal plan from these resources that you can start using to kickstart your business and life.


All Day Glow Green Smoothie

1., by award winning food blogger Angela Liddon, contains vegan-based recipes that are fantastically tasty. Some of her recipes are more involved, but plenty of others are quick to prepare, like the All Day Glow Green Smoothie. This recipe takes about 10 minutes to prepare and is full of delicious ingredients like mango, avocado, cilantro, apples and turmeric.

Starting your day off with a green smoothie should be mandatory.

Avocado Breakfast Pita

2.  BudgetBytes.  Are you on the go and short on cash?  Budget Bytes is some delicious and healthy meals for those on a budget.  At some point in our entrepreneurial career we have been on a budget.

This Avocado Breakfast Pita keeps your stomach and your wallet full.


Mac & Cheese

3.  100DaysofRealFood, by New York Times Best Selling Author Lisa Leake, gives us a simple and real Mac & Cheese recipe we can eat for lunch.  It will take a bit longer then throwing a box of KD on, however this taste so much better and your body will love you for it.

Make sure you add this to the rotation. Super quick and easy to make. 


Buffalo Chicken Chili

4. One recipe here that caught my eye was the Buffalo Chicken Chili. Not only is it full of healthy veggies, it packs a spicy punch. The other great thing about this recipe is that you can utilize a crock pot to save some time. Put this meal in the slow cooker on Sunday evening and you won’t have to do anything for dinner on Monday night except reheat the food. 

 Sweet Potato Spinach Lasagna

5. FitFoodieFinds. Lee Hersh focuses on promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle through delicious and beautiful recipes, challenging workouts, travel, and everything in between. Her Sweet Potato Spinah Lasagna has received 5-star reviews from her readers. The total time, including prep and cooking, is fifty minutes. But, let’s face it – there’s plenty to do around the house while the lasagna is in the oven. 

For more healthy meal recipes, check out and their 2016 list of the best healthy food blogs to follow. 

The Rockin’ Entrepreneur—Fueling Your Body Leads to Better Health and Longevity

Healthy eating will not only contribute to more energy and better sleep, it will keep you healthy for years to come. And that’s the real goal after all, isn’t it? We all want to be around for as long as we can, enjoying all of the awesome adventures that life has to offer us – including being successful in business. 

Sometimes, though, we get so caught up in the fast pace of life that we forget to take care of ourselves. Try incorporating some of these healthy recipes and slowly introducing more healthy meals every day. 

In doing so, you will be investing in your future, in yourself and your business. Eating healthy meals and snacks will help you be the rockin’ entrepreneur, parent, spouse, friend and human being that you want to be. 

Are you ready to invest in these things? If so, join me and other health-focused entrepreneurs and let’s start eating healthy!

How have healthy foods helped you? Do you notice better sleep? Increased energy? Let us know how they’ve helped you. Feel free to include some of your favorite quick and easy recipes. 

Let’s help each other become some of the most rockin’ entrepreneurs in history!

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1 Coach Jim Johnson - 5/10/2018 6:06:17 PM @ 5/10/2018 6:06:17 PM

Hi Chris, I know its been a while since this blog first hit the web. However, as a Coach, and now a Professional Speaker, I am always looking for great ways to stay in shape and keep healthy while traveling for my events. This was an awesome blog. I shared the article with my readers. If you are still blogging I would like my social media manager to interview you for our health and wellness section in July.

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