Is Reverse Osmosis Water the Best Water for You? Here’s All You Need to Know

Is Reverse Osmosis Water the Best Water for You? Here’s All You Need to Know

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As a parent, I’m not only focused on what my family eats, but also what we drink. 

And that means more water and less carbonated drinks.

It is laudable to see more and more families making smart and healthy lifestyle decisions of skipping sodas and other soft drinks for water. 

But is taking more water enough? Are we really off the hook? 

Consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to what kind of water they should drink. Tap water? Bottled water? Distilled water? Natural spring water?

Many people go for bottled water thinking it is the healthiest choice. But did you know that a large percentage of bottled water is just glorified tap water? Yeah, I was shocked too. 

Most of it does not come from pristine mountain springs rich in minerals. It’s just water from the municipal and city systems that is further filtered, bottled, and sold to make huge profits.

In fact, popular bottled water brands like Coca-Cola’s Dasani and Smart Water, Pepsi’s  Aquafina, Starbucks’ Ethos Water, Walmart’s Great Value Water, and Voss have acidic pH levels. Every bottle of acidic water you consume damages your health by significantly contributing to acidosis and other health complications. 

Don't believe me?  Check out this test.

To make matters worse, bottled water is packaged in plastics, and this is terrible for the environment. In Ontario, it was reported by Polaris Institute that only 14% of plastic water bottles are recycled. Where does the rest go if not to destroy the environment? 

If you want to protect your environment while saving a lot of money, stop buying bottled water. It’s that simple.

So what is the better alternative? 

Getting an efficient water filter system is probably the best decision you will make. And is there a better way to filter your tap water than with a reverse osmosis system? 

We bought a reverse osmosis machine for my home two years ago, and it has been the best investment ever. 

What is Reverse Osmosis? 

Reverse Osmosis Watering SystemAt first, reverse osmosis may sound like a biology class you skipped in your school years. However, it is nothing technical – it’s simply a type of filtration process where water flows through a semi-permeable membrane and carbon filters. 

The membrane and filters remove all the impurities, salt, minerals, and chemicals from the water. The result is pure bacteria-free water that is safe for drinking. 

There are seven stages of reverse osmosis. With each stage, filtration gets more and more intensive. With a reverse osmosis machine, you get to choose how many stages you want and customize it to suit your needs. 

The first stage removes particles like silt and dust. Next, a carbon filter eliminates the bad taste of the water, chlorine, and many other chemicals. The water then goes through another carbon filter before the actual reverse osmosis takes place. A fine semi-permeable membrane is then used to remove the remaining impurities. 

The last three stages involve alkalization, keeping the water fresh, and using a UV filter to kill harmful microorganisms. 

We’ve been using the Aqua-Cleer system from Culligan and it does a fantastic job of filtering our water.  The water taste great.

The Benefits of Using Reverse Osmosis for Water Filtration

The Benefits of Using Reverse Osmosis for Water Filtration

1. Reverse Osmosis Removes All Contaminants

Over the years, lead in water has been a menace to many Canadian households. But with reverse osmosis, you can eliminate all the unwanted impurities. 

The special membrane and filters will remove all heavy metals including lead, copper, arsenic, fluoride, and barium, as well as eliminate all harmful microscopic organisms to leave your water pure. 

2. Reverse Osmosis Water Tastes Better

Water softeners are usually used in hard water to remove hard minerals. They do not purify, they only solve the hard water problem. Though softened water might be excellent for laundry, cleaning, and bathing, not everybody loves its taste. 

This is because during the ion exchange process, hard minerals are replaced by sodium molecules which affect the taste. Reverse osmosis filters out all the sodium from the softened water to make it more refreshing and satisfying to drink. 

With all debris and chemicals gone, water has never tasted this good. 

3. Reverse Osmosis is Economical and Environmentally Friendly


If you want to save yourself some cash and drastically reduce the amount of plastic waste your home produces annually, buy a reverse osmosis system.

With this machine, you will not have to spend so much money on expensive bottled water. Moreover, if you have a reusable bottle, you can take your reverse osmosis water with you everywhere you go and help conserve the environment by reducing plastic waste from your home. 

Combine your water from a reverse osmosis machine with a water bottle from S'well and you will be enjoying delicious, nutritious water on a daily basis.

Not familiar with S'well?  As you can see from the pic above and all the scratches, I love my S'well water bottle.  I use it every day.  Their mission is to look cool and rid the world of plastic water bottles.  Mission accomplished!

4. Reverse Osmosis Water Is Better for Cooking

Cooking is a crucial part of our day-to-day lives - everybody loves flavorsome and delicious meals. However, the impurities in your tap water are definitely going to affect the way your cooked food tastes. 

Our coffee has never tasted better.

On the other hand, when you make soup, bake homemade bread, or boil pasta with reversed osmosis water, your food will taste much better. In fact, a lot of restaurants use pure filtered water for their cooking. There is nothing as fulfilling as using clean and pure water that is free from all impurities to enhance your hot drink, soup, or meal. 

We also clean all of our veggies with our reverse osmosis system.  It is recommended as one of the best ways to remove any residue from your fruits and vegetables.

5. Reverse Osmosis Machines are Easy to Maintain

Reverse osmosis systems require very little maintenance. Filter replacement is probably one of the few major things that you have to take care of regularly. However, that is determined by how often you use the system and how contaminated your tap water is. 

Reverse Osmosis Water is the Best Option for Your Family

Our family has pretty much eliminated bottled water. Many of these brands are not as pure as they claim to be – they are just there to make profits. It is your duty to ensure that your family is consuming clean and pure water that is free from any contaminants. 

Buying a reverse osmosis system will come a long way in ensuring health and financial stability in your home. 

As mentioned above, we currently have the Aqua-Cleer reverse osmosis filter system from Culligan.

In case you do not live in an area that has a Culligan or another water filtration provider, I have partnered up with the brand Aquasana.  I am very impressed with the many inexpensive filter options they offer and most of their filters are 50% off right now (expires soon)

All Aquasana drinking water filters are certified to remove and reduce… 

  • Chlorine and chloramines 
  • Heavy metals like lead and mercury 
  • Chlorine resistant cysts like giardia and cryptosporidium 
  • Herbicides, pesticides 
  • VOCs 
  • Pharmaceuticals like estrone and ibuprofen and more…

For all the DIYer's out there they even have a "How To Video" on their website to help with installing.

I’m enjoying the benefits of reverse osmosis, are you?

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