If You’re Not Already Drinking a Green Smoothie 5 Times a Week, You Need to Start Doing So

If You’re Not Already Drinking a Green Smoothie 5 Times a Week, You Need to Start Doing So

Behold– the green smoothie – the long-lost savior to healthy eating and easy diets. That’s right, I’ve finally located the real Holy Grail everyone’s been searching for, and I found it in green leaves.

No longer will you have to fabricate the truth about how many greens you’ve eaten, nor will you have to resort to ninja-like tendencies to slip them into your children’s meals. Instead, drinking these heavenly green smoothies just 5 times a week will allow you to reap a multitude of healthy rewards and becoming compliments (you can thank me later).

If I list the components of a green smoothie (collard greens, kale, lettuce, and spinach) alongside other additions (watercress, dandelion greens or parsley), I know you’ll be reaching for the sick bucket in preparation. But hear me out.

These unappetizing ingredients turn into taste sensations when teamed with the luscious flavors of mangos, pears, avocados, apples, and bananas. Trust me, with just a few fruity twist and enhancing ingredients, you’ll have a tasty drink that’s jam packed full of goodness. You didn’t think it was just coincidence that they resembled the color of the Incredible Hulk, did you?

The Important Health Benefits

Knowing what magnificent benefits green smoothies have on your health won’t just add to their taste, but will also add to your smug satisfaction when friends say, “You look incredible. We just don’t know how you do it!” But don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me!

1.  They’re pure nutrition. Vitamins A and C are found in fruits and vegetables (along with nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and folate), so no matter what concoction you mix up, you’ll be creating a sacred source of natural nutrients.

2.  High in fiber. Unlike fruit juice drinks, which lack fiber (because just the juice is extracted); healthy green smoothies give you all the fiber too. This lowers glucose and cholesterol levels while also helping your digestive system (aka, you’ll be visiting the restroom regularly!).

3.  Great way to lose weight. Because of all of this fiber they contain, green smoothies are incredibly filling. Not only will they leave you feeling like you’ve just indulged in a full meal and with lower hunger cravings, but they’re really low in calories too. I know – why on earth hasn’t anyone told me about this heaven-sent diet secret before?!

4.  Disguise your veggies. Trying to eat your daily quota of green veg can often mirror the way you feel about your in-laws. They’re a bit too much and you don’t really like them. However, in a green smoothie diet, you can hide these greens away behind the delectable taste of fruits. Unfortunately, smearing banana on your in-laws might not have the same desired effect.

5.  Energy source. These drinks of green godliness contain balanced sugar content, which provides you with long-lasting sources of energy. That’s why they’re great before a workout, give you a boost before a long day ahead or help to summon up the energy you need to go and visit said in-laws.

6.  Perfect for the kids. No matter how much you try, kids are smart, and they’ll soon hone in on the greens you’ve tried to conceal in their meal. But, I’m willing to bet that the temptations of a fruity green smoothie will have them gulping their greens down readily; especially when offered alongside the promise that they’ll turn into the Incredible Hulk if they do.
Top tip: You may need to reduce the portion of greens in the smoothie to include a higher proportion of fruit (30/70) until they get accustomed to the taste, then adjust this to 40/60.

7.  Increased water intake. Another lecture you’ve probably had drilled into you (and probably by your health-obsessed friend who’s vegan, dairy-free and everything else in-between) is the importance of drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day. But let’s face it – there’s nothing enjoyable about drinking that much plain water. However, our redeemer strikes again as the green smoothie allows you to increase your daily intake of water without even noticing it.

If this hasn’t convinced you that simple green smoothies have been sent from another divine world, I don’t know what will. They’re easy to make (all you need is a blender) and there’s hundreds of delectable recipes for green smoothies you can choose from. Here’s just one of my favorites:

Refreshing Kale, Pineapple & Cucumber Smoothie

green smoothie benefits

This combines kale, juicy pineapple and refreshing cucumber for one kick-ass smoothie!


  • 3 to 4 kale leaves
  • 1 cup of fresh/frozen pineapple
  • 1 cup of fresh/frozen mango
  • 4-inch chunk of cucumber
  • 1 small apple
  • 1/2 inch piece of ginger (optional)
  • 1 cup of water

Simply combine these together in your blender until smooth and this will provide you with two generous portions.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get creative with your greens and experimental with your blender because it’s only a matter of time before your friends will be ‘green’ with envy at your healthy glow and stunning weight loss.

Which green smoothie recipe gets your juices flowing?  Please share your favourite in the comments.

Blend Like Your Life Depends On It (Because It Does) 

Vitamix - Hands down the best blender on the market.

When I started drinking smoothies, we had a Bullet.  This worked well when it was a fruit only smoothie, but when we decided to go green, the Bullet didn't cut it.

We realized we needed a high powered blender to blend our green smoothies properly and make our transition into green smoothies a smooth one. :-) (pun intended)

I know, it is not cheap, but we looked at this as an investment into our health.  Just like a gym membership, only this is way better for you.  We have had the Vitamix now for 5 years and we use it every day, if not 3 or 4 times a day.

I highly recommend using a Vitamix for your blending needs.  I even used it last night to make cauliflower rice.  I pulsed the cauliflower in the Vitamix for a few seconds and I had instant cauliflower rice pieces.  Delicious!

Get A Vitamix

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