What Is Eat Greens Every Day?

Eat Greens Every Day is a resource run by me, Chris Nadeau, and my goal is to help other families live healthier lifestyles.  I believe we control our destiny, and we can choose to live a long and healthy life by eating right and treating our bodies with respect.

My path toward healthy living was not a quick one, but it has been a life-changing experience for me and my entire family. Let's start with some basics: I'm 44 years old with two kids (girl and a boy) and a fantastic wife – 16 years and going strong!

I played four years of professional hockey and won two professional championships — I have the rings to prove it! My athletic career was where I first started thinking consciously about what I was putting in my body. When you're a professional athlete, food is fuel. The better the fuel, the better your performance. I ate well. I trained hard. Playing a sport gave me the willpower and drive to treat my body well.

After retiring from hockey, I worked at a bank, which was not a great fit for me, but I learned a ton, which would help me move on. Then in 2001 my brother and I started a web development company. At the time, my brother had the real internet skills — I didn't even have an email address — and he taught me a lot. We became amazing partners, and the business is still going strong 15 years later.

During that time, my family grew. That's when my athlete-style eating habits started to slip — more like plummet. With kids, my wife and I began to take shortcuts, especially with meals. Convenience and take-out foods became our crutches. We still tried to exercise when we could, but we never really pushed ourselves. I was doing a fraction of the workouts from my hockey days.

We just got by for about six or seven years, eating what we could, when we could, not really understanding how the food we ate affected us.

In 2008, we happened to watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. The program’s information was staggering. I didn’t know it then, but that was the first step toward improving my family’s health. It got my wheels turning. We started changing little things: eating grass-fed meat and buying organic foods — a difficult task given the short growing season for vegetables in the area we lived in (Atlantic Canada).

It was a small step, but we were doing better.

The next step — more like sledgehammer to the face — came in the form of a family medical crisis. My brother ended up in the hospital after multiple seizures left him a coma. When he woke up, we learned he had a brain tumor. My brother didn’t take his diagnosis lying down. He decided to do all he could to kick cancer’s ass. He decided to combat it not only with standard medicine, but with food and wellness. He turned his body into a cancer-fighting, tumor-punching machine.

Over the next few years, he buckled down and learned all he could about food and health. My brother’s research led the charge, and our family supported him.

And he did it. He beat cancer. And we all gained mountains of knowledge about health and wellness. We learned that food can be medicine. After seeing what smart choices did for his body, I wanted to share what he learned, what he taught us, with as many people as possible.

Hence, I’ve created this blog.

Our experiences fuel our drive to continue learning about this important subject. Food and wellness choices changed our life. It can change yours, too. We’re not even close to knowing everything about this subject, but I hope to share what we’ve learned. It’s my goal to help others weave some of these ideas into their everyday lives, become healthier and prevent illness and disease.

I've seen amazing benefits from eating the right foods, especially the greens featured on this blog. I lost 16 pounds, my brother found his health and my family gained energy and vitality. It was a long journey to get here, and the learning is never done.

So let's get to it!