A Man’s Guide On How To Stay Healthy In Your Forties

A Man’s Guide On How To Stay Healthy In Your Forties

As you get older, your body starts breaking down. 

It’s perfectly natural – but perfectly irritating, as well.

While staying healthy has always been an uphill battle, it seems like aging makes it an even steeper climb.

Plus, there are innumerable products floating around that claim to be “the answer.” 

It can be hard figuring out what works and what’s a fad.

For this reason, I’ve decided to compile some products guaranteed to bring out the healthiest version of you. 

Eating Healthy is Easier When You Plan Your Meals

One of the major pitfalls for people trying to eat healthy is impulsiveness. 

When you get hungry, you want something fast and easy, which usually means junk food. Planning your meals out ahead of time will allow you to sidestep this impulsive decision-making

But how do you go about planning your meals? 

That sounds like a lot of work.

It is. That’s why Tasteaholic’s Weekly Keto Weight Loss Meal Plans are so handy. 

It works like this. You sign up for a subscription and Tasteaholic will send you weekly emails detailing pre-calculated meals based on the keto diet. This means the meals will consist primarily of fats. It also includes a moderate amount of protein and an extremely low amount of carbs. 

The idea behind this delegation is to make fat your body’s primary source of fuel, which is done by restricting its access to carbs. As your body is rapidly burning fat – think of workers shoveling coal into a train furnace – it produces ketones. At this point, you’re officially in a state of ketosis, which means you’ll be energized, have better sleep, and a number of other positive effects. 

While the keto diet might not be for everybody, it is known to work for men who are 40 and over, looking to get down to a healthy weight. In fact, as a man over 40 myself, the keto diet has put me in the best shape of my life, even if it is my own personal version of the keto diet. 

With the meal plan subscription, you’ll also receive high-quality, easy-to-read recipes that come with calorie and macronutrient breakdowns. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re putting in your body. 

A Man’s Guide on How to Stay Healthy in Your FortiesSomething To Wash Down Your Keto Diet

If you tried out Tasteaholic’s meal plans and decided to fully commit to the keto diet, then this next product is ideal for you. 

Perfect Keto offers a sports drink called Perform. This is the only sports drink specifically designed around the keto diet. But what does this mean? 

First of all, the drink is completely sugar-free, which already makes it a better alternative to most sports drinks. 

Perform is also packed with ingredients designed to maximize workouts by instigating ketosis, which means the drink allows athletes and average exercisers attain their energy through a non-fattening drink. It also helps those who need some pep in their step to bypass the usual methods of energy building, such as carbo-loading.

Perform can be mixed in any drink of your choice and works best if taken between 15 and 30 minutes before exercise. If you’re working out for more than an hour, Perfect Keto recommends taking half a scoop per hour. 

Break A Sweat To Keep Your Body Together

Having an energy drink won’t do you much good without an exercise regiment to go with it. In order to make sure your work-out is the best it can be, I recommend using a fitness tracker.

One of the best on the market is Garmin’s vivoactive 3 smartwatch, specifically designed around exercising and health management.  It comes preloaded with 15 sports apps, so no matter what you do for activity, the watch will most likely be prepared. When you’re wearing it, its built-in GPS will track your movement and progress.

That’s not all it can do. It will also use wrist-based heart rate technology to monitor your body’s response to your work-out. This not only let’s you know the specifics of what you’ve accomplished, but how to evolve your workout in the future. 

But what’s a fitness tracker without fitness?

My go-to workout is the Nitric Oxide Dump, a series of short, high-intensity exercises intended to slow down age-related muscle decline, among other things. It consists of squats, alternating arm raises, non-jumping jacks and shoulder presses, each of which is done in four sets of ten. This workout can be done by anyone, but is especially helpful for men over 40, due to its age-battling effects.

To complement my Nitric Oxide Dump workout, I’m currently trying out BioFinest’s Nitric Oxide Supplements. These are meant to do wonders in boosting your workout performance and stimulating muscle growth. 

Healthy Meats Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep

Aside from meal plans, a sure-fire way to make the most of your keto diet is Butcher Box

Unlike the meal plans, which send recipes, Butcher Box will actually send you food. As its name suggest, the food wholly consists of 100% grass-fed beef, free range chicken, and heritage breed pork. This is a great way to get tons of healthy fats and proteins. 

These kinds of nutritious, environmentally conscious meats are incredibly difficult to find in your average grocery store, so being able to have them delivered to your doorstep is a godsend. 

Plus, Butcher Box offers several different packages, so there’s something for every eater. 

Don’t Forget to Take Your Vitamins

When you were a kid, you rued the words, “don’t forget to take your vitamins.” 

No matter how chewy and colorful they were, taking your vitamins felt like just another chore thrown onto a pile of already unmanageable chores. 

You might still feel that way. 

The difference is that now you know how important vitamins are to your everyday health. 

A teenager can have a 2-liter bottle of soda for breakfast, a large pizza for lunch and a bag of candy for dinner, and somehow shake it off. 

Once you get into your forties, “shaking it off” just isn’t possible. 

You need your proper nutrients. 

But with all of the supplements on the market, picking one can feel dizzying. After all, you want to be sure of your choice before working them into your daily routine. This is a long-term decision.

That’s why you should use Onnit’s Total Human supplement packs. Unlike most daily multivitamins, Total Human isn’t comprised of a single pill, but, rather, a pack of pills. This is because getting all of your daily nutrients from a single “magic pill” is, to put it plainly, unrealistic. 

Total Human comes with two varieties of packs: one for the day and one for night. 

Each contains a unique collection of megavitamins that support every aspect of your body, including your brain. The day pack will bolster such things as cardiovascular endurance, while the night pack will help with relaxation.

Know Where the Starting Line Is

Whether it’s the meal plans or the Butcher Box, the sports drink or the supplements, there are countless ways to keep the aging process on its toes and remain the healthiest version of you. 

Being aware of these methods is important, because while staying healthy can be difficult, knowing how to stay healthy can be even more so. 

It’s difficult to win a race when you don’t even know where the starting line is. Hopefully, these products and services have helped you find that. 

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